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    Spice infused oil, bursting with flavour.

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  • With only 1 Calorie, our culinary
    spray oil is perfect for
    everyday healthy cooking

    A convenient, lighter application to help you take control of your calorie intake

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  • 2017 Charity Calendar

    The very cheeky calendar was
    modelled this year by the Univerity
    of Gloucestershire Rugby Club.

    Donating to Moth in a China Shop

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  • The secret to keeping to
    your new years resolution

    Use out rapeseed oil as you would olive oil, it's lower
    in saturated fat. So sticking to your healthy new start
    can be really easy.

    High in vitamin E and Omega-3

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    We have an extensive range of Rapeseed Oil that’s tasty, versatile and traditionally British.

    High in Vitamin E and Omega 3, 6 and 9, and with less saturated fat than many popular culinary oil, we’ve discovered the tasiest way to a healthier heart.

    Available in Extra Virgin, Infused and Baking ranges. Click here to find out more.

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