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Community Involvement

Making a difference
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We at Mr.Hugh's are keen to work in the community, helping with education and awareness of health.

We are looking to work with schools interested in learning about cooking and nutrition. Drayton Junior, Norwich, Norfolk have been cooking up treats using Mr.Hugh's oils.

We also offer tours of our factory to educate children on how Mr.Hugh's ends up in a bottle! If your school would be interested in cooking or visiting for a tour, please contact

Mr.Hugh's is proud to support Moth In A China Shop

Support people focusing on sport and health.

The charity exists to provide support in areas where sport and nutritional awareness are not well established. We hope for a world where all can enjoy and have the opportunity to play and learn about sports and health.

Since its establishment in 2015, the charity has been involved in fantastic projects adhering to its aim of engaging people into active, healthy lifestyles, including:

  • Providing a mini-bus to a school in Birmingham, providing them easier access to their sporting facilities.
  • Assisting in the renovation of a school swimming pool, where many learn to swim.
  • Aiding in the fundraising of a hydrotherapy centre for those living with disabilities. Offered sports scholarships
  • Implementation of Rugby Ambassador programmes

Find out more about the charity and the work it does at: and please click HERE to donate. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Mr.Hugh's Mascot

This year Mr.Hugh's saw a new addition to their friendly team, a big bear mascot named Rocket, and his friendly bee Betsy!

Rocket and Betsy will be visiting various shows across the country looking for hugs and selfies for our Facebook page from our lovely customers!

Rocket and Betsy will also be visiting schools to talk about Mr.Hugh's and their charity Moth in a China Shop. If your school would be interested in a visit, please email