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Bournemouth 7’s, UK biggest sporting and music festival supports our cause

05th September 2018

Bournemouth 7’s festival has shown its support towards Moth in a China Shop this year through publishing an article about us on their website explaining who we are, what we do and how their festival goers should support us too. Bournemouth 7’s sees hundreds of universities, clubs and establishments congregate on the South Coast for a weekend packed with sport, music, camping and festivities that in our eyes, is a must-do!

Callum Stuckey, a good friend and team mate of Arthur, has been working hard to gain the support of Bournemouth 7’s festival for a while now, and his hard work has paid off. Owing to Callum’s work, Bournemouth have said: “We would like to encourage our supporters to find out more information and get involved via the Moth in a China Shop website and get behind this great cause.”

This is a fantastic achievement for us and a step in the right direction, increasing our exposure and hopefully educating more people on the great work that we are doing. Arthur would have been extremely proud knowing that his favourite sporting and social event of the year is supporting a cause dedicated to his memory, and we all hope that this relationship can continue to flourish and benefit both Bournemouth 7’s and Moth in a China Shop.

Thank you, Bournemouth, for your support and we will see you at this year’s festival.