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Mr Hugh’s Hedgehogs

08th October 2018

Do you remember the tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle? Beatrix Potter was brilliant in the humanising of animals, especially the small, apron adorning hedgehog. Since the 1950’s, the population of rural hedgehogs has dropped from thirty million to one million as stated in the 2018 State of Britain’s Hedgehogs report. Although this has thankfully led to a reduction in the ‘Why did the Hedgehog cross the road’ joke, it’s sad that the most easily identifiable British mammal has suffered a serious decline.

To aid in their survival, Mr Hugh’s charity Moth in a China Shop recently worked with the Scouts and welcomed them to the home of the charity, Old Larchwood, a magical woodland near Beachamwell. During the early October weekend, the children learned valuable life skills such as camping, survival tactics and cooking. The adventurous weekend also enabled members of the organisation to gain their badges for certain skill building!

Along with many other activities, the Scouts built bug huts and hedgehog homes to help Mr Hugh’s achieve its aim of providing protection and safety to hedgehogs during hibernation. The Mr Hugh’s office has also joked that as hedgehogs eat bugs, Mr Hugh’s will supply the rapeseed oil to the hedgehogs so they can cook themselves a tasty bug stir fry!

If our safeguarding has inspired you to do your part and you’d like to avoid providing a banquet for your neighbourhood cats, leave out a bowl of muesli, peanut butter and Mr Hugh’s rapeseed oil soaked in warm water for your local hedgehogs to feast on!

As Mr Hugh’s rapeseed oil is extracted by cold-pressing, the high levels of vitamin E and Omega’s 3 and 6 are preserved. Whereas, refined rapeseed oil – the base of almost every vegetable oil – undergoes a harsher extraction process being exposed to high temperatures and bleach which strip the oil of all is nutritional content.

And who’s to say that hedgehogs should miss out on the great nutrition that Mr Hugh’s provides?


The Scouts learned clever cooking skills.
Among many other valuable life and survival skills the Scouts were First Aid Trained.
The scouts learned how to pitch a tent and enjoyed camping.

If you have a project similar to Moth in a China Shop’s work with the Scouts that you would like the charity to support or if you would like to use Old Larchwood for your organisations work, please get in touch!