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Mr Hugh’s Top 7 Tips for using Rapeseed Oil

03rd October 2018

Using rapeseed oil as a substitute to saturated fat can provide health benefits and is surprisingly easy to do. If you’re unsure how to use it, here are our top 7 tips:

  1. Substitute your usual cooking oil for rapeseed oil to reduce the saturated fat in dishes.
  2. When roasting foods like potatoes, heat the oil first in the roasting tin, this way they will absorb less oil when cooking.
  3. Substitute rapeseed oil for butter when baking cakes or muffins to reduce the overall saturated fat content. See the recipes section of our website for some inspiring ideas.
  4. All oils are sensitive to heat, light and exposure to oxygen in the air. Keep them in a dark, cool and dry place to help preserve the flavour and nutrients like Vitamin E.
  5. A lot of vegetable oil is made using rapeseed oil, but it is refined oil! This means its gone through a harsher extraction process (exposing the oil to high temperatures, solvents and bleach) which cause it to lose its nutritional value. Ensure you’re opting for a cold-pressed rapeseed oil like Mr Hugh’s!
  6. Sprinkle rapeseed oil on your pizza before cooking it in the oven, or drizzle over pasta for great flavour and texture.
  7. Rapeseed oil is a fantastic and healthy choice perfect for stir-frys, roasting and baking – as well as salad dressings, dips, marinades and vinaigrettes!