Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil

100% British, extra virgin cold-pressed rapeseed oil, lower in saturated fat than olive oil.


Our oil is home grown, no one else is involved in the production of our oil. We grow, harvest, press and package it for you to enjoy at an affordable price.


Mr Hugh’s Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is high in vitamin E and Omega 3, an essential fatty acid our bodies need.


Use as you would olive oil or butter; for dipping, dressing, baking, frying or roasting.


This product is available in 125ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles, plus it's packed into our calorie fighting 200ml Light Spray Can.


Want to go big? Our Extra Virgin is also available in 5L, 10L and 20L Jerry Cans.

Price £4.50

Recipe Ideas

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  • Mr Hugh’s Posh Bacon & Eggs

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  • Radish and Cucumber Salad

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