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£50 National Schools Challenge Fundraiser

15th February 2016

January to March 2016 we are holding a £50 National Schools Challenge to raise funds for our charity 'Moth in a China Shop. This event has been very successful over the last two years and therefore we have decided to run it again.

Mr Hugh’s sponsors the challenge by giving each team £50 as a start up fund and £10 to physically go and buy some oil from their local supermarket or independent retailer to get their accumulator challenge started.

The object of the challenge is for each team to turn their £50 into as much money as possible over a ten week period. All students will receive a medal and a T-shirt along with trophies and love to shop vouchers for the winning teams, the team who turns their £50 into the biggest profit nationally will also win a weekend at Alton Towers.

Students are encouranged to post their activities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more information or to find out how to get involved, please contact:

Jackie Cameron

0 786 920450