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Giant cous cous, quinoa & mixed peppers salad

Why not try something new!

Get experimenting with our other infused oils. The range includes Chilli, Garlic and Basil. The possibilities are endless!

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25 mins
Serves 4

100g frozen diced onion
2tsp Mr Hugh's Chilli Infused rapeseed oil
300g frozen sliced mixed peppers
150g frozen broad beans
800g pack Frozen Giant Cous Cous & Quinoa & Vegetable Mix Steam Bags
175g frozen whole leaf spinach
2tsp coriander
Lime wedges, to serve


Fry the onion in the Mr Hugh's over a low heat for 3 mins. Increase the heat, add the peppers and cook for 4 mins, stirring. Add the beans and cook for 2 mins.

Prepare the cous cous and quinoa according to the instructions on the packet.

Add the spinach, chilli and coriander to the veg mixture and cook for 3 mins. Toss with the cous cous and quinoa, and serve warm with lime wedges.

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