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Winter Brussels Sprouts & Nutty Bacon

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25 Minutes
Serves 4 to 6 people

4 strips thick-cut bacon

2 tbsp Mr.Hugh's Hazelnut Infused Rapeseed Oil (Buy Now)

450g Brussels sprouts, halved

1/2 large onion, chopped

Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Begin by par-boiling the halved Brussels Sprouts for approx. 5 minutes on a medium-high heat.

Whilst they're boiling, start frying the bacon in a pan on a medium-high heat until all four rashers crisp up. Now remove the bacon and chop into rough cut strips around 1 inch/2.5cm in width.

Now add our Hazelnut Infused oil to the hot pan along with the chopped onions and boiled Brussels sprouts and fry for approximately 8 minutes, regularly stirring until golden brown.

Finally, throw the bacon pieces back in the pan with a pinch of salt and pepper, stir through a few times and serve.

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