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Grilled Chicken, Avocado & Rye Salad

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30 mins
Serves 4

½ tbsp Mr Hugh’s rapeseed oil

4 free-range chicken thighs, skinless and boneless, sliced

100g rye bread

1 tbsp wholegrain mustard

2 tbsp Mr Hugh’s Lemon infused rapeseed oil

1 ripe avocado, finely sliced

½ cucumber, sliced

100g radishes, finely sliced

100g watercress


Rub a little Mr Hugh’s standard rapeseed oil over the chicken pieces, then season with salt and pepper. Heat a large griddle or frying pan over a medium-high heat, then fry the chicken pieces for 10 minutes, turning regularly so they gain colour but don’t burn.

When the chicken is cooked, set aside in a large salad bowl, brush a little oil over the pumpernickel and put on the griddle pan. Grill the bread for 5 minutes, turning once, until toasted and crunchy. Take the griddle pan off the heat, tear the bread into small pieces and add to the chicken in the bowl.

Mix the mustard and Mr Hugh’s lemon infused rapeseed oil, whisking until emulsified. Season. Add the avocado, cucumber, radishes and watercress to the bowl, then toss with the dressing. Season to taste and serve straightaway.

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