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What is Cold Pressed?

Cold pressing is traditional method used to produce oil.

It consists simply of gently squeezing the seed to release the oil and is the only way to produce the finest quality oil that allows us to retain all of the natural colour, flavour and vitamins that can be found in rapeseed.

Once the vital oils have been extracted, the remaining unusable oil is left as a by-product known as ‘cake’. This is then blended with other ingredients to produce a highly nutritious animal feed, which means we can produce low-waste products. We believe this method is a practical way of helping our farms resources remain sustainable.

What does pressing and filtering do?

It facilitates oil removal from seed and clarifies oil whilst removing pariculates. It minimises Free Fatty Acid (FFA) development, the ‘bad bits’ which can cause a loss of taste and force the product to deteriorate in quality sooner than it should. Pressing and filtering also builds resistance to oxidation and improves the flavour profile and maximises the antioxidant yield from what is naturally present.

What does Extra Virgin mean?

Extra Virgin means the oil has not been tampered with and is completely free of any refinement processes which can remove nutrients, vitamins and supplements that are required as part of a balanced diet.

As it comes from the ‘first press’, it also has to have a free acidity value (FFA) which is expressed as Oleic Acid of <0.8% (0.8 grams per 100 grams) and the Acid Value should be no greated than 1.6%. A number of other oil manufacturers only produce refined oil which is of an inferior quality to our cold pressed rapeseed oil.

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  • Our oil is completely free of any refinement processes


We have an extensive range of Rapeseed Oil that’s tasty, versatile and traditionally British.

High in Vitamin E and Omega 3, 6 and 9, and with less saturated fat than many popular culinary oil, we’ve discovered the tasiest way to a healthier heart.

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