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Producing local, thinking global.

Environmental Sustainability

Here at Mr Hugh’s we not only produce a fantastic, healthy, nutritious and versatile rapeseed oil, but we care for the environment
Did you know our farm is home to around 1 million bee’s housed in over 120 hives

Bees are vital in the food chain as they pollinate a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as our rapeseed crop. They’re pollination is as vital for the food we eat directly as it is for the livestock we depend on for meat.

More than 90% of the leading global crop types are visited by bees and they’re known to be the most effective pollinators as they have special features to collect it – like branched hairs called ‘scopae’ or combs of bristles called ‘pollen baskets’ on their legs.

Without bees our diets would be less varied and nutritious, there would be lower availability of crops and wild plants that provide essential micro-nutrients as well as an increase of suffering from vitamin A, iron and folate deficiency.

All our crops are also GM free!

‘GM’ is the abbreviated term of ‘Genetic Modification’ which is the process of plant DNA being modified using genetic engineering methods primarily to resist pests, diseases and spoilage.

We do our part for the environment by using recyclable materials, including glass bottles and cardboard packaging!

Public awareness of plastic use and the effects of its wastage on the environment has rapidly increased over the last year, with many major companies and corporations vowing to reduce their plastic use and encourage consumers to do the same. One of the commonly known tactics has been the charge of plastic shopping bags with the recommendation of ‘bags for life’ being used instead.

As a company, Mr Hugh’s greatly supports the environmental battle against plastic and uses recyclable materials to ensure we’re doing our part for the world!

Mr Hugh’s is low-waste product!

Once the oils have been extracted from our crop, the remaining meal is used as a nutritious animal feed. We like to ensure that there is no wastage of the nourishing goodness of rapeseed and that at each point of its production it is benefitting the food chain.

We’re proud of our low carbon footprint!

From planting the seed, to harvesting and bottling the nutritional goodness, all the magic happens right here on our farm in Norfolk, meaning as a product, Mr Hugh’s has a very low carbon footprint and as we only ever use our own rapeseed crops we can provide full farm to fork traceability with every bottle!